2. Papel Digimura RP 170g Classic

Papel Digimura RP 170g Classic

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Digimura RP Classic 1,27m X 30m Digimura RP Classic 1,27m X 30m

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Digimura-RP é um papel de parede à prova de fogo para impressão digital com plotters / impressoras de grande formato, pronto a colar, que pode ser aplicado por qualquer pessoa. Digimura-RP é a solução perfeita para a criação de wallpapers ecológicos, de elevada qualidade e impacto visual para espaços domésticos e comerciais.

Basta imprimir, adicionar água e colocar na parede... tão simples quanto isto !!!

Principais Caracteristicas:

Papel de parede já com cola, fácil de instalar e remover - Basta utilizar água.

Lavável, reciclável e resistente ao fogo

PVC free, feito utilizando 10% de papel reciclado - Certificado FSC 

Ideal para utilização em ambientes interiores domésticos e comerciais

Acabamento branco brilhante suave com elevada qualidade de impressão

Para impressão com equipamento UV e Latex

Apenas para interiores




Weight: 170gsm
Opacity: 96%
Dry Tensile Strength MD: 7.88 kN/m
Fire Performance: Euroclass C-s1-d0 in accordance with BS EN 13823 (SBI): 2010


Ink Types

  • Latex
  • UV-Curable

It is worth noting that when Digimura-RP is printed with Latex ink, the wall art is odourless and the combination of substrate, water based installation and ink technology makes it suitable for health-related environmental criteria.



Conditions of use / storage

  • Storage temperature: +20ºc - +25º
  • Storage humidity: 50%
  • Single rolls packed in a moisture proof bag and boxed.
  • The roll is suspended to avoid any risk of flat spots.
  • We recommend that you always keep this product in its original packaging when not in use.


  • Digimura-RP wallpaper is pre-pasted and you just need to add water to activate the glue for installation.
  • Installation and removal is very easy but you need ensure that you have used enough water to activate the glue.
  • As Digimura-RP installation is all about the water, take care to protect the floor of your working area and ensure that there are no electrical hazards.
  • With accurate site measurements, pre-trimming the rolls to the exact width for the job and ‘butt joining’ on site is one of the easiest installation methods.
  • The pre-paste glue needs to fully activate so “booking” after wetting is important.
  • A simple water sprayer in your toolkit is also a very good idea.
  • Removal, again, is also very easy by just rewetting the wallpaper.



Caveat Emptor: We have conducted in-house trials on all of our products to make sure they make the grade in performance and suitability. BUT there are scores of variables in the combinations of software, hardware, print profiles, speeds and resolution, so we really do recommend that you undertake your own evaluation with your own equipment to make sure that our products meet your expectations.

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